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About Us

Welcome To JD College of Pharmacy
Who We Are

About JD College of Pharmacy

At JD College of Pharmacy, we are committed to producing lifelong learners and and running by JD College of Pharmacy who will excel in their paramedical careers and be recognized as leaders who keep the health and welfare of society at the forefront of their values about providing patient-centered care.

Since its inception, in ___ JD College of Pharmacy has remained steadfast to one central commitment to provide a balanced comprehensive D.Pharma education & clinical skills. The college has a huge campus with great infrastructure as per the norms of Indian nursing council New Delhi. The college is in city central. College is situated in a huge campus with rich green garden away from sound, air pollution, ideal for education.

The Programmes offered by JD College of Pharmacy ensures numerous career avenues for a graduate nurse in the healthcare industry across the world. The JD College of Pharmacy has associated with major hospitals of Azamgarh city to provide the necessary “hands on” clinical and para-clinical experience; necessary for the students pursuing this hospital based academic programmes. JD College of Pharmacy thus aims to create a benchmark in D.Pharma education in India.


Those who are with a carrier mind this is an opportunity to enter this noble professions.
It is unique because, there is an element of service to the humanity coupled with achievement and orientation to a noble profession.

Our Core Values

At JD College of Pharmacy, we are committed to producing lifelong learners who will
excel in their paramedical careers and be recognized as leaders who keep the health.


The JD College of Pharmacy of Institution is greatly privileged to have a large hospital of 200 bed capacity, situated in the main campus, close to the medical college and the hospital.


The faculty of the nursing institution believes that:

The basic course in nursing is a formal educational preparation which should be based on sound educational principles as the foundation on which the practice of nursing is built, and on which further education depends.

Nursing is a profession, which is influenced by advances in services and technology. So, nurses need to evaluate the curriculum periodically and make the required changes, both in theory and practice.

The nature of nursing is such that a substantial portion of the student’s learning is acquired in the clinical area with the provision of appropriate clinical facilities and clinical guidance. Periodical evaluation is the responsibility of the staff.


Provide an educational programme through which the graduates will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary, secondary, and tertiary care of people as professional nurses.

Prepare graduates to teach and supervise in the appropriate nursing and health care settings and participate in the administration of nursing service and education.

Ensure that the nurse achieves an all round development so that he/she is able to meet the needs of the individual, family, community, and society, thus making him/her an asset to society.

Promote teaching and learning process in the classroom as well as in the clinical area through appropriate supervision and ongoing evaluation based on well defined criteria.

JD College of Pharmacy aims at providing the:

  • - Best Education
  • - Best Experience
  • - Best Environment

So that our nurses will be competent, caring, and professionals of good character.

JD College of Pharmacy stands for:

  • - Quality Service
  • - Quality Teaching
  • - Professional Development
  • - Research for a bright future through Education